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Radha is a graduated musician and a music teacher. Apart from her training in NLP, dehypnotherapy, kinesiology, reincarnation therapy and light work, she has been a student of four mystery schools in this life alone. Masters like Osho, Ramtha, St. Germain and many more have accompanied Radha on her spiritual path. She is being trained by them, and she works with a team of Ascended Masters of the spiritual hierarchy of earth, as well as the Intergalactic Federation to assist with the ascension of earth and humanity into the light. As a composer and a spiritual teacher, Radha is founding a fifth mystery school, the Mystery School of Light & Sound (MSLS). Here she uses her wisdom and abilities gained from this and other lifetimes to help those who are open to the New Energy. This manifests in RADHA's powerful medially received compositions, which can help breaking up the etheric crystallisations in our four-body system and speed up the process of manifesting the light body. At MSLS, great emphasis is placed on training and using the voice as a medium for healing and manifestation. In her spiritual healing, RADHA works with very effective Plejadian and Arcturian technologies. During the clearance of fear programming, Djwhal Khul and Vywamus are at her side. During the intense processes of pastlife regressions and clearings, many angels, archangels, and Ascended Masters join her, as well as of course your spirit guides. They all assist her in the creating of oasis of light, sound, love and peace.

Concerts, Seminars, Training
Music for Meditation, Healing and Ascension

Mystery School of Light & Sound MSLS
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What I do:

-  Singing tuition

-  Voice, breath and voice training

-  Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls, singing, synthesizer

-  your soul music

-  recreate your favourite music and charge it energetically

-  channel and produce music

-  Channel your higher self

-  clearance of house and living space

-  Past life regressions

What you can experience and learn:

-  the sound of your own voice

-  Fun

-  Yourself!, Self-expression, self-confidence and deep relaxation of body and mind    right down to cell level.

-  Love, healing of the soul

-  Joy, the frequencies of the new age

-  timelessness

-  answers to the questions of your heart

-  being able to breathe freely, wellbeing

-  you release lost souls from your energetic field

-  release from fear, pain, blockages and overcoming of traumatic experiences


Channelling of your Higher Self

To help with solving of important life questions, karmic complications, fear programming and blockages from the sight of your Higher Self. A complete clearance of the four-body system is part of the session.
Duration: 60 minutes or by appointment.


Release of earthbound souls who have left their physical body without being aware of it and have attached themselves to somebody else. This person then feels blocked and stunted in their growth. In order for growth to be possible, the 'lost' souls have to be cleared first. Perhaps you have had the feeling that you are not talking or acting like yourself? ''Two souls living in the same body''. Self-responsibility and the decision to accept the power of love are important criteria.
Duration: 1 ½ to 3 hours

Past Life Regression

Can help to solve acute problems and is similar to clearing
Duration: 1 ½ to 3 hours

Sound Massage (see extra article below)

To bring deep relaxation to release blockages in the physical, mental and etheric body right down to cell level. A very soft and gentle method to begin with for working with light and sound. I use Tibetan singing bowls, Chinese gongs, my voice and sometimes a synthesizer.
Duration 60 minutes


Raise your voice - it is the music of your soul We breathe, hum, listen, loosen our physical body, and sing songs and mantras. We celebrate our Being with our voice.
Duration: at least 45 minutes per week or 60 minutes fortnightly.

Your Soul Music

This is the music individually composed for each soul, a service that was developed by Radha in 1991 in co creation with St. Germain. This is the highlight of her work with light & sound.

Manifesting through the power of sound - MPS

Radha: I connect to your Higher Self, play your Soul Music and record it. In the studio, I add your affirmations which you yourself have spoken.
Here the alchemical power of sound is used in several ways:
· through the frequency of your Soul Music
· Through the magic of your voice and,
· Through the manifesting power of your "I AM" presence.
You will say the affirmations. Your Soul Music and your voice form an impressive combination. I often have the impression that we are not alone during this work, and that cosmic sound engineers also play their part.
You will receive your own personal power-CD, a powerful instrument for manifestation. With your thoughts and feelings, you will create your own reality. I myself have with this method magnetized many things into my life. You also will experience a reprogramming of your old thought patterns and change your energy field.
You can use this music with your affirmations in various ways. Your voice in combination with your Soul Music will activate your creative power. In addition, during the recording the CD will be infused with high frequencies from the healing realms, which will be released every time the CD is played. You can listen to it loudly, or play it very quietly while sleeping. It is a lot of fun and very, very effective.
Duration: at least 5 hours

Light & Sound
Since 1990, Radha has developed her own form of Light & Sound. She has been researching the transport of sound waves through music. She uses that basis in combination with other spiritual healing methods. She says: 'yearlong experience has convinced me that there is hardly anything more powerful than sound to bring body, mind and spirit into harmony'.


RADHA's sound massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls brings relief to body, mind and soul.

Radha has developed her own form of sound massage since 1990 whereby she uses a multitude of old Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chinese gongs, her voice and at times a synthesizer for her treatments at the Hamburg Light & Sound Oasis.
RADHA works completely as an intuitive and allows the angels of healing and sound to work through her. Through her experience as a musician, a spiritual healer, and a medium, she creates a highly charged atmosphere, which allows for healing.
You lie totally relaxed. The bowls will be distributed over your body and made to sound. If you allow it, the tones will move to the profoundest depths of your being. Through these sounds your body 'remembers' its original harmonic condition at a cellular level and thereby creates a resonance to reprogram your molecular structure. More light can be stored, the frequency increases and healing is possible.
This is all very comfortable and effective. The sound waves trick your mind in a very gentle way - they simply vibrate through it. The sound gives your thoughts no chance, it just works. The sound waves find their way through skin and bones into the cells directly to the affected organ, which can then refuel with new energy and vibrate again harmonically. First, you will most probably feel physically refreshed; however, your spirit and your soul will also be reenergized so that you will soon feel like reborn. For all these processes to be facilitated, it is very important to drink lots of clear fresh water, not only directly after the sound massage but also during the following days, as the effects will continue to work.
'This is a really cosmic concert' said a client; although she had spent many years working on herself spiritually, this was the first time she was able to relax completely. In my 15 years of practicing this method, no treatment has ever been the same. Every time there is a brand new sound, a Mandala was created.
Even a short sound massage can bring immediate pain relief. Especially backache, headaches - even migraine -, longstanding sleep problems and addiction to pills have been treated successfully. Sound massage is also popular for work with children and to help pregnant women prepare for birth.
©RADHA June 2005



"Every disease is a musical problem – it’s healing a musical solution" (Novalis).

Celebrate your Being with this music

RADHA' S Music – powerful tools of sound

RADHA has received most of her music through channelling, which was then recorded at the spontaneity of the creative moment. This may explain the high frequencies and miracles that have happened in connection with this music. Even playing this music at a barely discernible level clears the energy of a room.
RADHA's music strengthens the immune system and synchronizes both sides of the brain, which has already been proven by technologies like Kirlian photography.
RADHA's music is being used in the areas of medicine, wellness, cosmetic and Feng Shui. Above all, spiritual healers are using it where Radha’s name is no longer a secret. The music assists in opening a path to the Higher Self and gives protection. It is suitable as a complement to therapeutic processes as it may release blockages. Therapists report often that clients open up and release repressed emotions through their tears.
RADHA's music can be utilized as a soft background during meditation and trance journeys or consciously.
Harmful frequencies, electro smog, radio waves and negative thought processes will be positively influenced by Radhas music, which then helps to strengthen body, mind and soul.
Radha: "Music has a storage capacity much like a computer or crystal. My music transports healing energy as well as information and codes for the transformation process on your journey into the light. Its capacity reaches from simple relaxation through the clearance of the four-body system to the realignment of the cells”.

This can be heard on RADHA's CD “MIKAEL”, music with the Archangel for meditation, transformation, manifestation, celebration and Divine protection.

Feedback from listeners to MIKAEL and AKON:

‘’Unbelievable!’’ ‘’MIKAEL is fantastic – this music is heavenly!’’
"AKON is the only music I use while working as a healer. It is powerful and clears the energy’’.
“Thank you, I don’t need a joint. I prefer listening to AKON’’. Elias, 16.
‘’I am longing for the new AKON. I live with this music and could not imagine a life without it. It is my spring for love, strength, medicine and my elixir of life”.

I invite you into the world of my healing sounds:

The CD “AKON”, spaceship energies for meditation, healing and ascension has been released in a second edition in November 2003 (now playing for 79:25 minutes)

Whoever prefers a softer sound might be interested in RADHA's Piano Solo Album “IRUKA” (total time 53:21 ©1995) with Romantic piano improvisations combined to the dolphins loving energy, playfulness, easiness, and joy.

Alternatively, the follow up, her second piano solo CD “COLUMNAS DE LUZ- PILLARS OF LIGHT” (total time 57:51 ©2005) includes heartfelt piano meditations.

Then there is the Singing Bowls Meditation “IN BUDDHA'S PROTECTION” (playing time 73:41 ©1997). High energy sounds with overtones from Tibetan singing bowls, cymbals, Chinese gongs and Radha's voice. They bring an atmosphere of calmness, timelessness and heavenly order into the home. Clairvoyants have reported to see angels clearing the auras of individuals with these sounds.

“ARCTURUS – Ocean of Love” ( 72:07 © 2001) Archaic sounds from the cosmos and the ocean reawaken old memories in us. ARCTURUS is spaceship and dolphin music at once. Codes that have been stored in our cells are decoded and activated. You can be one with your intergalactic soul extensions and experience ‘’being at one’’ with yourself.


Testimonials for ARCTURUS, IRUKA, BUDDHA:

“…the sounds of ARCTURUS are wonderfully magical, almost indescribable. It is as if this music enters into the deepest layers of the soul to affect a sense of total well-being”.
“…when listening to IRUKA a sense of peace and harmony unfolds within me”.
"…IRUKA brings me peace, harmony, love and happiness".
"..I am listening non-stop to the music of IRUKA. The music clears rooms and lets my heart vibrate in a high frequency and loving way. If these sounds could fill public rooms, there would be no more wars."
“…BUDDHA for me is powerful and healing – sounds which my heart have been seeking for a long time”.


Spirituality and musical sensibility

RADHA is an independent spiritual composer, a music medium and a spiritual teacher. As a qualified music teacher, she taught many years in schools and later gave piano and singing lessons to private students of all ages. On her spiritual journey, many masters of both earthly and heavenly realms accompany her.
Since 1981, the exquisite quality of her music reflects her connection to the higher realms. With seminars, private sessions and concerts Radha offers support to all who are looking for a deeper meaning in their life. Above all, her interests lie in helping to increase the frequencies of humanity and the earth, and to create oasis of light, sound, love and peace.

In Radha’s cosmic concerts, music and meditation are combined to create healing harmony.
Balsam for the Soul, Healing for the Earth.

RADHA Light & Sound Unlimited, Hirschsprung 3
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